Ashley Heitzman

ButtersHeadshotButters Monster Art has been painting murals and creating art independently for the past 5 years (generally of monsters and slime). Also about 5 years ago, I taught myself to screen print using my dark walk in closet as a darkroom. I started transferring my monster drawings onto t shirts and decided to make them “Party Monster Ts”. Later on (about 2 years ago) I invested in an airbrush so that I could make more one-of-a-kind clothing items and custom orders. Next I started carving wood and exploring that as a medium- which lead me to create Monster Mirrors. I have found my airbrush and mural painting skills have come in handy in painting 3-D projects as well as clothing. 
I have been experimenting with different styles and marketing and plan to expand into a full clothing line at some point. I generally stick to the Monster Street Art Style, but I can imitate just about anything (with a touch of my own style of course) and love Custom order requests. 
Check out my website for more of my work