Dayna Bezila

Dayna_Bezila.jpgDayna has always loved creating things. When she decided to dabble in jewelry making, she thought it would simply be a weekend hobby. Little did she know that she would find a new passion.  Dayna’s business, Olde Dog New Tricks, was launched on Etsy in 2011.
Initially, Olde Dog New Tricks products incorporated vintage or antique items such as typewriter keys, silverware, and skeleton keys, which were repurposed into new items.  Over the past few years, Dayna’s line has grown to include a broader range of materials including precious metals and stones.  In keeping with her preferred aesthetic, all of Dayna’s items are warm, rustic, and personalized.    
Being primarily self-taught, Dayna loves to experiment with different techniques.  Metal forging, soldering, enameling, texturing, wire work, metal clay, and mixed medias help to make up her eclectic variety of jewelry and accessories.  She finds that experimentation often leads to new pieces.
Outside of jewelry making, Dayna is a wife, mother of two small children, and full-time speech-language pathologist.  She currently resides with her family in South Jersey.

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