Jenna Perfetti

Jenna_Perfetti.jpgThis will be Jenna Perfetti’s fourth year participating in the Art of Surfing festival. She is a local artist, avid beachcomber, creator of Sea Glass Chic. Raised in Ocean City, her love of the ocean and beach sand was cultivated from a young age. Jenna studied art and design at Richard Stockton College and Cornell University. Life, has always led her back to the beach. After marrying her husband Adam, also an avid surfer and beach comber, he introduced her to collecting sea glass. Currently residing in Cape May county with their family, all of the jewelry created by Mrs. Perfetti is hand crafted using only locally found sea glass, sterling silver and natural gems. All sea glass has been hand picked by her and her family, and is fresh from our Jersey shore beaches. Jenna uses her extensive collection of sea glass and bottles for displays, lectures and identifications. In September of 2014, Jenna was an expert panelist/speaker for  North American Sea Glass Association’s annual festival in Cape May. Early this year, a Sea Glass Chic design was featured internationally for the premiere of acclaimed author Lisa Plisocu, “Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer.” Her work is currently available at several locations: Ocean City- The Bag Boutique and The Ocean City Arts Center; Stone Harbor Tangerines; Cape May – Whale’s Tale  and Splash and Tuckerton Seaport.  Jenna will be one of the featured artists the evening August 8th at  Splash in Cape May,”In Celebration of Sea Glass at Splash” and the evening of  August 12th at Tangerines Boutique in Stone Harbor. We hope you enjoy the natural beauty of sea glass showcased in Sea Glass Chic’s designs.