Kiesha Bond

Keisha_BondHi my name is Kiesha Bond and I’m a Lifestyle Family Photographer located in South Jersey.   

I’m married to my best friend of 20 years (Rob) and Mother to 3 boys (Sebastian) 18 (Ethan) 10 and (Jacob) 5 oh and our fur baby! Our Golden Retriever (Charlie) 7.  

I love the ocean, beach, and trees! I also love photographing the ocean, beach, and trees to and from my house and the beach, that my second business was born! Simply Vintage Designs is where I create fine art jewelry made from my photography.

I spend most of my free time reading, running, painting, making ridiculous list of things to do with the kids, cooking, date nights with the Hubs and laundry! (just kidding…sort of)! Check me out at