Surf and Presence with Local Lou

Surf and Presence

Surf_Presence.jpgBreath, balance, and body awareness. Are those words associated with yoga or surfing? These actions are integrated into the foundations of both practices. After uniting Lou’s knowledge of yoga into the art of surfing, an undeniable shift occurred for Lou both in and out of the water. Yoga increased Lou’s stamina, flexibility, and an overall heightened awareness of his body, his breath, the water, and the world around him. New parts of the board were finally accessible, therefore opening up endless possibilities in his surfing practice. Experience yoga through the surfing eyes of Lou Fermonte and fellow members of the Grow Yoga team, Sam Notos and Jason Forslund. This one hour session hopes to shift your vision of surfing through the practice of yoga. The Hawaiian legend Eddie Aikau would go and so should you.