Maureen MacIntosh

Maureen_MacIntosh.jpgMaureen MacIntosh, 23 years old, Seaside Park, New Jersey: I grew up along the surf breaks of the ever-changing Jersey Shore. In this place I have found an inspiration as well as an un-denying love for the sea and all that surrounds it. In my work, I try to express the feelings of an oceanic environment that one could not reach without physically being there. A feeling that is nautical, and imaginative at the same time. A feeling that can only be experienced never thought. At the same time, I am exploring the cross section between graphic and fine art. A space that can take the mind on a colorful adventure through the ever-present beauty of the coastal environment I have been surrounded with throughout my life. I try to let my work express a bright alternative to the harsh realities that affect our ocean as well as society without explicitly commenting on them. I enjoy a palette of bright colors and exaggerated shore breaks to give each painting a unique personality. Within that, I proudly donate ten percent of each piece of art sold to the Waves for Water foundation.

Overall, my goal is to evoke an emotion of oceanic joy and inspiration. Hopefully you can find something in my work that connects with your inner self, and the radical adventure you were meant to be on. No matter what emotion you might experience, the important thing is that you are feeling something.